The Art of Finding Fairies
The road to finding Fairies is to understand Fairies. People are very materialistic and count things in time distance etc: But the world we live in is more multidimensional than we can at first understand. Besides time and distance the world is also divided into many cosmic levels or astral planes, like self contained bubbles some times these worlds cross over and at these special points Fairy worlds can be found intermingling with human planes of existence. To find Fairy activity is to develop a sense and consciousness for their presence, a bit like tuning a radio.
Most people will walk past a pond and maybe see water some fish, or some plants. But when was the last time you actually took time to really look. After time you will start to see more and more. The massive variety of water insects, tinyplants, and then if you take more time you will start to see how the whole ecosystem is working together in a fine natural balance. This is the intensity and the level of concentration you will need to develop if you really want to see Fairies. Once you have opened your eyes properly to the world around you then you will begin to see so much more, not just in nature but when sending emails, playing about at foxy bingo or even on your way to work. What is key is the ability to open you mind."
Next time you are walking in the forest and you see a gust of leaves blowing by, look between the leaves, maybe there is a whole army of elf's raging past your very eye's. When you catch a glint of light from the tree tops is it the sun reflecting off the leave's or is it a Leaf Tullie leaping around. When you find an opening in the woods and you see bent grass , but no sign of foot prints, small stone circles, or strange tasting feacies near tree roots all are sine's of Fairy activity. Take time to tune into these subtle curiosities, concentrate your mind on the shadows glints of light and listen for whispering sounds among the rustling of the leaves, and you may well be rewarded with your first fairy sighting.

The best word to describe Fairies is "contradiction". Fairies are the epitamy of this word. Some times they are friendly and playfull some times they can be decidedly obnoxious, in fact the more you learn about Fairies the more they change. As they are not really borne of our world they live by a totally different set of rules to anything humans can comprehend and would certainly give Einstein a brain seizure. In their own plane of existence they have their own form and physical bodies, but as they project them selves ito our world they use either and gasses to form their bodies and strange appearance, for this reason most Fairy's can "shape shift" at will. One time I tried to grab hold of a Fairy, I was on a photo expedition in Devon England and a "Berrybogle" tried to burgle my cap. As I grabbed him his hole body was a bit like the consistency of a Jelly Fish, he slipped through my fingers landed on the floor with a sort of "shlop" sound and then reformed and flew away. I also had an awful stinging rash on my had for months after. I'm glad I was able to treat it with my "tee tree oil" immediately for I'm sure it could have been much worse.

The main thing to remember is that when you are among Fairies you are a privileged guest. Besides a bit of mischievous sport and fanciful banter, they are not really interested in humans and have no real need to entertain them at all. Fairies are totally independent and all have there own unbounding purpose in their own realm of existence. To entertain Fairies and not offer due care and respect for their presence would not only be foolhardy but dam right dangerous, fairies can be fun to watch but also are capable of the most treacherous kiddolagy I have ever witnessed.
  Take time, take care, and don't forget to take some pictures!