Welcome to the fairy dome, enjoy
    This site is dedicated to the scientific study of fairy 
activity on the planet. If you have seen any suspicious looking
characters lurking at the bottom of your garden, big chins, pointy 
noses, that sort of thing we would be interested to here from you.

1) Real fairies never leave foot prints
2) As fairies are not borne of this world they do not have "belly
3) If you see a human who is trying to impersonate a Fairy, ask 
him the time, real fairy always sport superb hand crafted silver 
pocket watches, never gold or bronze.
Look what i won ,
 Many thanks  
Good Elf to you.
All the work on this site is my property if you like to use 
something please ask permission, I will probably say yes.



At the bottom of the garden in the late evening light
I heard a noise and saw with delight
The fairies all dancing and singing with glee
I could see them but they couldn,t see me.
The leprechaun was clog dancing,the elfes doing the twist
The troll was head-banging with bells on his wrists
Tinkerbell was floating around in the trees
The butterflies joined in and so did the bees
The fairies were special with their graceful motion
Then everything changed with a great commotion
The pixies went wild and started to rock
They were all dancing the Pixiegunglebop
Hope you like it Andy love  Mum xxxxxx 
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Photo from Kevin Buntin http://www.kevinbuntin.com/

The Song Of The Lullaby Fairy

Softly whispers the night
Come into my arms
Lay your woes at the crimson dusk
Let my silvery night-lights massage your mind
Breathe deeply my starry musk.
Close your eyes to the world
Feel the warmth of my love
Let your far away dreams unfold
Softly whispers the night
Come sleep with me, dream with me
And I will unburden your soul.


(Mandy Cruickshank)