Through the mist of the twilight's moon
Fire fly's flutter to the funky tribal tune
Among tall twisting trees with dew covered tops
Frisky Pixies dance the Pixiegunglebop!

Keri sole of a Fairy

There was a funny little man,
his name was pixybunglebop.
I'm told he came here from japan,
to open up a corner shop.
He sold all kinds of funny things,
like spiders eyes and fairies wings.
Then one day vanished with a "POP"
the exploding pixybunglebop!
bye for now,karen.
Fairy idly Fairies fair fall and flutter without a care,see them dancing every where.Fairy's sing a elf thong, thing and thingingall day long.Fairy Photo I bring to you, Fairy paintings and music too,pixies bold and elves of old live in gnomes so mysticallegends told, Andy Duroe brings to you a world of magic through and through,
At the bottom of the garden in the late evening light
I heard a noise and saw with delight
The fairies all dancing and singing with glee
I could see them but they couldn,t see me.
The leprechaun was clog dancing,the elfes doing the twist
The troll was head-banging with bells on his wrists
Tinkerbell was floating around in the trees
The butterflies joined in and so did the bees
The fairies were special with their graceful motion
Then everything changed with a great commotion
The pixies went wild and started to rock
They were all dancing the Pixiegunglebop
Hope you like it Andy love Mum xxxxxx

the color comes
all of a sudden
without any clear cause
when you might walk
to a corner
of an unlit corridor
clad with egg cartons
to damp the cries
of claustrophobic cats
green conversation
green comfort giver
fresh fallen grass
the power of pixies
inches from
your eyes your toes
your heart.
like frogs, like leaping
crazed traffic lights
dancing away the
mist of worries
dancing so easy
so quickly the
bopConnie Haag