God Eater 3

God Eater 3 is a new role-playing game that has a fictional context in the future, when humankind is extinct and only a few survived. This comes from the aftermath of the Earth attacking by huge monsters with supernatural powers.

Thankfully, later on, humans created powerful weapons capable of overcoming these huge monsters. In the game, the player plays the role of a rookie who joins the army to destroy monsters and save the world.

In fact, the God Eater was originally considered a different version of the Monster Hunter series when it possessed quite similar gameplay. The highlight of the game comes from the content of fighting between characters with giant monsters that after winning, players can collect materials to make weapons and armor for themselves.

With many expectations, God Eater 3 promises to be one of the most anticipated blockbusters in early 2019. Whether Bandai Namco’s new product can succeed and overcome the disadvantages of its predecessor. Let’s wait and see.

Far Cry New Dawn

Set in the post-apocalyptic era in Hope County, you and your teammates will have to fight against a group of armed violence called Highwaymne, led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, also known as The Twins. According to the manufacturer, this game will be more powerful than survival, but it will also be more powerful to create weapons and repair vehicles. Besides discovering a colorful version of Hope County after many years, the game will also add new areas in a mission that “Expeditions” help you discover them.

Dead or Alive 6

Kasumi, Hayate, Helena, and many other familiar faces return to the arena of Dead or Alive 6. This battle game will continue to take advantage of the complexities of performing combos and counter attacks, which should be brand for the game. Besides the image is also raised to another level. Two new modes, Fatal Rush and Break Gauge, shake the arena by making it easy for new gamers to access and familiarize themselves with DOA.

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