Attractive PC games snubbed by players for many reasons (Part 1)

With compelling content, excellent graphics and a good gameplay, there are still many good titles that have not been properly evaluated or even misjudged by not only the gamer’s personal point of view, but also the encroachment of blockbusters.

  1. LawBreakers

This is a first-person shooter game developed by Boss Key Production for PC and PS4 platforms. Its gameplay consists of two teams, each of 5 players will have to work together to complete the goal of the battle. The game opens for players a lot of different modes with a large number of character genres. Specifically, LawBreaker has 6 modes to focus on genres such as robbing the flag, capturing the base and being born well. They are all very large-scale and easy to understand but to win is very difficult. The game also allows players to incarnate many types of characters from sneaky assassins, medical aid to advanced soldiers, etc., all suitable for different genres.

The game was originally called Blue Streak and was open for free for players. However, in March, 2016, the game changed its name and changed into a paid game. And since then, the number of players has decreased gradually and only reached 7500. Despite receiving a lot of positive reviews from many reputable sources, but because the number of people continues to decline, so Boss Key has decided closed the server on September 14 after the last three free months

  1. Epistory: Typing Chronicles (2016)

It is possible that a typing game will be easily overlooked, and Epistory doesn’t deserve it. Built by Fishing Cartus, this is a game that combines the adventure of exploration and the typing of words to overcome challenges. The game company is really creative in changing the mindset of casual typefaces by combining easy-to-remember gameplay and very 3D graphics with many similarities to the very interesting Origami art.

The plot is a fascinating journey of a young girl traveling the world to find her memories with her best friend. With the above factors, the game is not only allowed to be the best independent game of the year, but it is also recognized by experts as a good game when it has refreshed the typing game series and brought the experience deposited throughout the game.

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