Attractive PC games snubbed by players for many reasons (Part 2)

  1. The Sims: Hot Date (2001)

This is the third expansion of Maxis Sim series of life simulation games developed and published on PC. As we know, The Sim focuses on simulating human life and interacting with people in the game as a real society. Players will step by step perform real-life tasks like eating, sleeping cooking, going to school … and interacting with things, society and people, even building a family family. Even so, the first version still has many shortcomings, so the company has to add more DLC to diversify this game title.

DLC Hot date version is considered a very significant addition when it helps virtual characters have a new attribute as “interest” with many new gestures, good adaptability and participation. stronger into society. This DLC also adds to the area where players play many other recreational facilities and gives players the opportunity to change their surroundings. Thanks to these additions, HotDate is highly rated with 85 points from Metacritic and positive reviews in improving the relationship between characters and society.

  1. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. (2009)

Following the platform platform game and developed by Black Forest Games, this is really a great discovery game but the number of people know is quite low. The game was funded with a budget of $ 1,500,000 from Kickstarter and was later released on PSN, Nintendo, Xbox Live and Wii U. This game comes from its highly successful predecessor, Giana. Sister DS of Spellbound. But after the Spellbound bankruptcy, the Black Forest took over the project and called as the former Spellbound member to develop the game.

The game captures Maria being abducted by the Gurglewocky dragon and imprisoned in the Dream World. In order to save her sister, Giana – a multi-personality girl who can switch back and forth to suit each context – is forced into that world. The game gives the player a deep impression with extremely beautiful graphics and very detailed, very nice background music. In addition, the manufacturer knows how to build a skillful screen to require players to react quickly in some situations, but also to be very careful in every move.

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