Attractive PC games snubbed by players (Part 3)

  1. The Long Journey Home (2017)

This is probably the most controversial game in the evaluation of professionals. Released by Daedalic on popular gaming platforms, the game is the journey of an astronaut consisting of four characters who are lost in the vast space far away from the earth and they are forced to find their way back. But unfortunately, the four crews will face each other with Aliens races with lots of compelling storylines as entering a new galaxy. Not only that, astronauts will also encounter uncertainties on the way the player must be very careful to protect both the ship and the human race.

The game is fought with a very elaborate world, when they go to the mulberry they also meet a galaxy and each galaxy hides many different stories. In addition, they are also very successful when not only are we able to model a large universe, but also differentiate the view that many planets are somewhat similar to those of most of us. Later, the game began to become chaotic when it was difficult to navigate and too many annoying minigames, and there were still many people who recognized it as a very interesting discovery game.

  1. Red Faction Guerrilla (2009)

Red Faction is a Volition third-party shooter series developed on PS3 and Xbox 360, later remastered and released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set in 2125, 50 years after the previous game, at this time, the earth’s resources are depleted, causing the global economy to collapse. As a result, governments have mobilized forces to protect the Earth from exploiting the Martian population, and since then the rebellion on Mars has emerged. In the role of Alec, a miner, you will be dragged into an unexpected battle even though Alec is trying to reunite with his family.

Because as a mining engineer, Red Faction’s gameplay brings a whole new experience from receiving quests to successful execution. Even so, some points in gameplay are not really good. Graphics in the first version were stable during that time, but it has become pretty, sharp and detailed with 4K resolution in remastered version. Although appreciated, but the game is only breaking the work, not breaking the terrain as many people want, and even though the remastered version that gameplay still does not change can be the reason why people ignore it.

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