PES’ tremendous change in 2020

After a huge soar in 2006, PES went into crisis and left behind by FIFA rivals for years. To revive the game franchise, KONAMI has promised huge changes in this year’s version, which began to rename the game as eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

  1. New copyright

Fairly every year when KONAMI pity to see the exclusive EA bring all the Premier League (EPL) to its FIFA game. Now in version 2020, PES has officially got exclusive contract with the Juventus and Manchester Untied teams.

And some legends like David Beckham, Park-Ji Sung, etc. have also been acquired by PES in terms of image. This is considered a big step in the path to reigning the king of KONAMI.

  1. New Camera view angle

Have you ever really looking at the player coming out, greeting the flag, generally the opening game of the match. According to an interesting statistic, the majority of soccer game players overlook this video. Realizing that, KONAMI brought something that the company called “Stadium camera corner”, completely describing small details such as referees discussing, players teasing each other in the tunnel, the stadium has newer angles and display the fans moving to the seat, …

  1. Skilled techniques

KONAMI is emphasizing Dribble Finesse system as an important new feature this year, showing a subtle but effective dribbling action, with gamers just need to control Analog (on the handle) then show skillfull techniques of the players, properly simulating dribbling in reality. PES will give new players an easier feeling, before they start making difficult moves.

  1. Gameplay improvement

And the last important thing that PES will bring this year, is the movement improvement. Since 2006 until now, PES has always been a bad reputation as the image of player movement is too rigid. This year KONAMI has promised new image scanning technologies, which will truly describe what is called the shape of each player. For example, cr7 will be completely different from Messi.

Currently the details of the Gameplay are not revealed completely by KONAMI, however, through the newly released Demo version, we can easily realize that there has really been a change in this year’s version, with very real movements. , not as hard as the dummy anymore.

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