Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft gift for PC gamers

Microsoft currently offers Xbox Game Pass with only $ 1 in the first month.

Currently, Windows 10 users can now use the Xbox Game Pass feature. Playing games with Xbox Live on Windows 10 has never been so easy. Xbox Game Pass for PC is in beta because Microsoft is working on tweaking the program on Windows 10. In an effort to get more users to try it, Microsoft is offering this service for only $ 1 in the first month. If you already have Xbox Live Gold, upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can bring you many benefits.

Which means, if you upgraded to Xbox Live Gold on July 15, 2019, you won’t need to pay an extra amount to get the Ultimate version until July 15, 2020. If you’re not a Xbox game player on Xbox One or Windows 10, don’t worry, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will bring you the best conditions on both platforms.

Metro Exodus, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, ARK: Survival Evolve and Imperator: Rome is just a few outstanding games that you can play on Xbox Game Pass for PC right now. Microsoft is trying to bring more titles. More games into the library. But don’t worry, from now until then, you’ll probably be very busy with the games that are available. It’s exciting to play Metro Exodus without having to buy it right? If you decide to buy, Xbox Game Pass members will discount up to 20% for games and up to 10% off for DLC and additional utilities.

You may not know, the latest version of Windows 10 is required on your PC and the Xbox application (beta) is installed to use Xbox Game Pass for PC. When you visit the Xbox Game Pass website for PC, don’t be confused when you are prompted to download the application. The application that the Xbox is referring to is the Xbox application (beta), available through Microsoft Store. If you have preinstalled Xbox (beta), you can skip this step completely.

Because Xbox Game Pass for PC is still in beta, after the first month, the subscription price will be $ 4.99 a month. And after the end of the testing phase, that number could reach $ 9.99.

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