Super attractive mobile game series

Through the hit GTA Game Series on PC – the beginning of the open world genre, game makers seem to find gold mines in this category. There are more and more open world titles for Mobile as below is a collection of the best games to experience.

Battle Supremacy

Is a third-person shooter combat game through high-tech machines. The point that the game makes the most attraction is to allow players to change the fighting patterns in a flash. The game possesses a high quality background graphics that makes it feel fiercer than ever. Besides a large map and many large areas for you to explore.

Set in the world of the era when dinosaurs still existed and was classified in the category of survival games. You will be put into a large space, looking for necessities to survive. In addition, you can build a thriving community to hunt huge dinosaurs in the game.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Based on the basic storyline, gamers will play the role of Peter Parker after gaining supernatural powers and becoming Spider-Man. It is very impressive to be able to carry a large world with the mechanism of flying and jumping into a mobile game. Your task is to destroy the bad guys and collect materials to upgrade your skills.

Contrary to the faintness of the predecessor Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings really interesting experiences. Although the film has not been released, the game has not scored a small score in the hearts of fans. With all 3 criteria Game Play – Graphics – Sound are excellent, can confirm that this is the blockbuster game of this summer.

Radiation Island

This is a game of survival among hungry zombie – quite similar to Dayz. Besides the times when you search for your necessities, you will have to fight the bloodthirsty zombies. The game possesses beautiful graphics on the Mobile system today, from plants, objects or zombies on the island are meticulously elaborated.

In addition, the game also owns a huge inventory of items and weapons for you to create and explore.

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