WoW Classic – The impressive return of a legend

Above all, WoW Classic is really a great game. It not only regained its status for Blizzard and also for the increasingly online role playing genre.

Leaving the controversy about Diablo mobile, World of Warcraft Classic is really a product that regained Blizzard’s face in 2019. I must say this is a top game of the top. Still familiar Barrens lands. After two hours of battle in World of Warcraft Classic, you still cannot escape here. The game is a real challenge, but it is too perfect to make every gamer excited.

You guys want obstacles and challenges? Blizzard is more than enough to bring. The development team worked hard, before the official announcement of WoW back last year. The main task is to cramming old code into a newer framework version, comprehensive restoration and upgrade for a masterpiece released in 2005. And the team has done extremely well.

Upgrade magic is also a problem that makes gamers headache. Some people think that low-level magic is more effective than high-level magic. You can buy skills from all three specializations at the same time, and spend hours pouring on the branching talent trees to find the best combination.

At a certain point, animals and monsters in the game will be extremely scarce. Players who are on a quest to find items often have to gather. In the 2005 WoW version, everyone will have a share. Examples are zhevra hooves. Zehvras is basically a horse, so killing one will have 4 claws for gamers to share. But in WoW Classic there is no such thing.

In WoW Classic, gamers both hunt and guard against each other. Without the item sharing, the first person to hit this creature will gain the item. Warriors have short-range advantages, magicians use long-range magic, and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. This is a real competition and sometimes becomes a glorious battle.

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