Some of great PC games in 2019

Perhaps the PC gaming flatform is the best one in the world thanks to a huge source of amazing games. The best PC games consist of a wide range of genres, which use the best modern graphics technique and eye-popping visuals, from retro favorites to platformers and from point-and-click adventures to action-packed first-person shooters. You can play with friends some genres of co-op PC games.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation deserve to be one of the best PC games. Its brilliant clever AI and high-end PCs shine graphics helps ramp up the dread, make you trembling at every corner.

In 1979 the first Alien film released and following that Alien: Isolation is set of 15 years as the suspense-filled game which is long anticipated by fans of the franchise. In the role of Amanda Ripley, Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley’s daughter, your task is to track down and get back the flight recorder of the Nostromo spacecraft, which has been tracked down aboard the Sevastopol space station. Isolation gives you minimal weaponry to heighten the tension.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: World can be the most-wanted game which is immersive, addictive, and extremely fun game to play with all your best friends cooperatively or play on your own. It is no doubt to be one of the best PC games you can not miss today.

The series of Monster Hunter World has broken into the mainstream and finally came to the PC. You’ve never heard for years now about one of the biggest gaming franchises.

Monster Hunter is a deceptively simple gameplay loop which you can play right now ends up being one of the most rewarding and compelling PC games. The game puts you in the position of a monster hunter, and you craft bigger, badder armor to progressively hunt bigger and nastier monsters then strip them for parts.

Capcom, the developers of this monster hunting hit develop a new frosty expansion. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are committed to bringing a wealth of free DLC to the game. The content of this game is ceaseless onslaught.

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