2 blockbuster games will be released in October 2019

Welcome October, gamers will witness the launch of a series of big names.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will take place in Auroa, a fictional Pacific Islands, reminding us of the beautiful country of New Zealand. Auroa is the capital of Skell Technology, an AI drone technology conglomerate. When the world lost contact with Skell Technology, the Ghost Recon detachment was sent to the Auroa Islands to investigate. However when the detachment arrives, they are no longer in the role of the hunter, but the hunted.

5 game bom tấn đình đám sẽ ra mắt trong tháng 10/2019 - Ảnh 1.

Throughout the game, the Ghost Recon squad will have to fight against a paramilitary group called Wolves, which according to Ubisoft’s representative, Wolves possess skills on the battlefield as strong as Ghost Recon. Because the force is too crowded and too strong, the Ghost Recon squad will change from a battle position to hiding, so the Stealth Action mechanism will be emphasized by Ubisoft in this Breakpoint.

According to a Ubisoft representative, players can use drones to attack enemies, drag and hide corpses after killing a translator, etc. Similarly, players can avoid being detected by crouching in foliage or covering yourself with mud. In addition to the features of the game Stealth Action, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also focuses on survival when injured, players will need to heal and maintain their weapons.

John Wick Hex

Finally, after many failed projects, John Wick was also adapted into the game in the most complete way. However, the special thing is that this product is not a shooting game or traditional action. John Wick Hex (full name of the game) is exactly a strategy game created by Mike Bithell (the father of the famous game Thomas Was Alone).

5 game bom tấn đình đám sẽ ra mắt trong tháng 10/2019 - Ảnh 2.

Basically, John Wick Hex will put you in many different action situations. Your task is to plan or create unique ways to survive (similar to the way John often does in the movie).

With the proven talent of Mike Bithell, John Wick Hex is truly a game worth playing, not only for the fans of the movie John Wick but also for the gaming community. This may not be the AAA shooter that many people expect, but what it does is really interesting and worth a try. As expected, John Wick Hex will launch on October 8 and will be exclusively available on the Epic Games Store platform.

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