SKT is Korea’s last hope

After the end of the quarter-finals of the League of Legends Worlds 2019, South Korea has only one last representative. That is the familiar name of SKT T1.

The Korean region has always had countless players with good personal skills. Teams from the LCK are often remembered for their slow playing style, favoring the later stages of the game. SKT – the most famous team of the LCK has also played the same way.

But over time, the League of Legends meta changed. SKT must decide to abandon this somewhat outdated game to catch up with other big regions like China and Europe. By now, they are probably the most successful Korean team in changing that game.

SKT là niềm hy vọng cuối cùng của Hàn Quốc

The evidence is that they have entered the top 4 strongest teams this year, after winning convincingly against Splyce – representing the host of Europe.

No longer giving priority to the strong lineup at the end of the game, SKT is now more confident when choosing generals with overwhelming early stages compared to opponents. At the same time, they also performed strong, speedy attacks.

Except for the defeat in game 3, SKT always prevailed against Splyce in the selection phase. The extremely wide pool has helped SKT members a lot. They can always turn things around and get at least two wins in terms of quality after the coach enters the backstage.

With the advantage of that team, SKT easily organized early ice phase and “snowball” the game thoroughly although Splyce had very tough minutes of resistance. Not only did he change his approach to the game and adapt to the times, SKT also maintained excellent team fighting, which is typical of Korean teams.

SKT la niem hy vong cuoi cung cua Han Quoc hinh anh 2

That strength is strengthened by reflexes and personal level that is superior to the opponent of the members. Many times in this match, Effort, Clid or Teddy with just one or two phase handling skills exemplified solve the fight neatly for SKT.

Excellent skills, coherent tactics and close cohesion are the achievements of SKT team after a long time of learning the quintessence of other regions. SKT has successfully changed its mindset, style of play, and adapted to the evolution of the meta

Now that both Damwon and Griffin have left the game, SKT has become Korea’s last hope for this World Championship. Certainly Korean don’t wants SKT T1 to stop walking blankly in Europe.

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