The new sequel Overwatch 2 will release soon (Part 1)

Overwatch 2 is real. We’ve finally gotten a look at Overwatch’s sequel after a year of convincing reports and leaks. It’s got new heroes, maps, and most interestingly, a story mode, expanding Blizzard’s been building on the narrative foundation with its character cinematics.

From what we’ve seen so far, Overwatch 2 is most unusual feature is that some new additions, not your average sequel. New multiplayer modes and heroes will also come to Overwatch 1 at no additional charge. Overwatch 2’s other new additions are exclusive to the sequel while the two games will continue to coexist like one big PvP experience.

So far Blizzard’s dished out dugged through all the details to know how that’s going to work. after its announcement at BlizzCon 2019 we can figure out about Overwatch 2.

What is Overwatch 2

Well, it’s a sequel to Overwatch, though not in the way which we usually think about sequels. By the sound of it, Overwatch 2 which focuses primarily on PvE missions is more like a big expansion. From the past few years the Overwatch Archive seasonal events are appeared to build off by these missions. The highly repeatable limited-time events will likely have less dialogue, story, and cutscenes than the new story missions. We will go over those in below-mentioned greater detail.

When will Overwatch 2 release

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard said that they aren’t sure when it will release Overwatch 2 because the game is still early in development. ” Jeff Kaplan game director said at the reveal panel that he doesn’t know. He has no idea, just let him make it great, that’s what they care about more than anything. They still don’t have a date in mind.

Following the reveal, until having more to share, Blizzard is “going dark” on Overwatch 2.

The trailer of Overwatch 2 gameplay is a quick rundown of everything which comes in the sequel. We get a look at the new hero Sojourn, co-op and story.

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