The new sequel Overwatch 2 will release soon (Part 2)

Overwatch 2’s pure delight announcement cinematic

The new 8-minute cinematic of a new Overwatch age feels like a dramatic declaration. It feels different from tying together multiple characters into a focused story like the disjointed hero cinematics which we’ve gotten used to over the years. This is the kickoff moves forward a story that Overwatch 2 will have.

The Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

Overwatch 2 will go all-in on PvE. The game made up of co-operative Story Missions with main campaign seeing old and new Overwatch heroes who team up against the robotic army players Null Sector, fought from the original game in the Uprising event.

According to Blizzard, players will come face-to-face with rising new threats around the globe, team up as different sets of heroes, uncover the motives behind the robotic armies’ attacks, and fight to defend the world against the Null Sector.

Hero Missions are on the other end of PvE, which separate from the story designed to be highly replayable. In this mode, players can unlock customization options and level up heroes which modify their abilities. We see a modified Tracer in the gameplay trailer, her Pulse Bomb explosion build that chains to multiple enemies.

Story missions can slightly modify a hero’s playstyle who will also have item pickups. The three shown were a corrosive grenade, an HP generator, and a barrier shield which are similar to Winston’s. Any hero in the mode don’t carry over between missions although they can pick them up and use these at will.

These ability modifiers as far as we can tell, won’t have any impact on PvP and are exclusive to PvE.

It is very cool. All we know about Sojourn is that she’s Canadian, in spite of her intimidating gun arm and build which suggest that she’s a damage-focused hero. She also slides into a super jump in her highlight intro and seen mobility might be her thing in the gameplay trailer.

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