Free PC Games: ‘The Messenger’ is this week’s freebie from Epic Games


This week, the Epic Games store offers ‘The Messenger’ for free, valid until 21 November. Here’s what you need to know.

The Messenger

The Messenger is a PC game that was Developed by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital in August 2018. It is everything you want from an action-platform.

The story is set in a village where the Demon King is attacking ninjas. It is up to one young ninja to ensure the survival of his clan.

The game may start as an action platformer; however, it soon evolves into an expansive time-traveling adventure that is full of thrills, humor, and surprises as the developers promise.

You will also be allowed to get character upgrades, new quests, new abilities, as well as discovering hidden levels that are filled to the brim with memorable bosses and villains.

The Messenger won some awards even before it was released, consitsting of the Start-up Numix in 2016. The Game Awards nominated it as the 2018’s best Independent Game.

Awards and accolades

The Messenger was also nominated for Best Debut at the Game Developers Choice Awards, and for the G.A.N.G. / MAGFEST People’s Choice Award at the G.A.N.G. Awards of this year.

If that is not enough to convince you, its original soundtrack was compiled by chiptune composure Rainbowdragoneye using a Famitracker, so it will be a treat for your ears, too.

Nintendo World Report scored this game 10/10, Venture Beat with 90/100, Nintendo Life with 9/10, IGN with 8/10, and US Gamer with 5/5. So you simply can’t go wrong with The Messenger.

Previous Epic Games deal: RUINER

Please note that this game is not suitable for younger gamers as the game trailer has mature content that is only recommended for ages 18+.

RUINER was developed by Reikon Games, published by Devolver Digital two years ago. It is described as a “brutal action shooter” that is set in the future year 2091, in the cyber metropolis Rengkok.

You’ll have all manner of high-tech firearms as well as other weapons at your disposal. Prepare for violent confrontation and lots of killing.

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