So this is the reason Henry Cavill was able to play the role of Geralt

One of the factors that made The Witcher so successful was due to Henry Cavill’s top acting talent. Netflix’s blockbuster TV series The Witcher has officially aired. This is considered one of the hottest entertainment products for the holidays in 2019 not only for movie enthusiasts but also for the gaming community.

No matter what the fans, Netflix has brought the audience a great entertainment product. After just one day of release, the series has received countless compliments from both critics and viewers.

The Witcher has reached the top of Netflix’s most watched series in the last decade. It is important to know that even a classic series like Game of Thrones only scored 9.3 in order to see the success of The Witcher just got.

And in a recent interview in GQ magazine, Henry Cavill revealed why he was able to express that. Accordingly, Henry Cavill is a true gamer. Before accepting an offer to participate in the Netflix project, Henry Cavill has played many times The Witcher 3. game. like Skyrim or World of Warcraft.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Witcher

Henry Cavill shared, he often spends a lot of time exploring his favorite games. When having free time, Henry Cavill would rather sit at home “plowing games” than enjoy going out and becoming the focus of the crowd.

Besides playing the game, Henry Cavill also carefully read and researched the original The Witcher by writer Sapkowski. In order to get the perfect Geralt of Rivia image like you see in the movie, Henry Cavill and the crew had to spend a lot of enthusiasm.

Along with that, there are dozens of different tests to get the final result. With the image of Henry Cavill as Geralt, we can see that The Witcher filmmakers have been working very hard to create an almost identical outfit in the game of the same name. Henry’s Geralt has a robust appearance and a cold face, possessing silver hair and an iron sword sticking to the original shape.

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