Not everyone has the possibility of downloading games on their PC, because of memory problems or even because they don’t have their own computer. That does not prevent them in any way being able to satiate the desire to play, because, for that, there are numerous online games of exceptional quality. Strategy games are one of the most requested by users. But which are some of the best?


Few video games remain unchanged for more than a decade. Oigame is one of them. Its interface is not the most modern, far from it. This is a fairly traditional game, with a lot of data which will gradually allow you to develop your strategy. It has no end so you can sit in front of the computer as long as you want. Your ultimate goal will be the control of the galaxy and requires you to connect daily if you want to maintain the conquest. Some people think it’s very addictive, but do you dare to play it?

Total Domination

Nuclear war is one of the favourite topics for science fiction. In Total Domination that is also the subject. As predicted, your goal will be to survive by leading a group of people to overcome the hostile environment. You will have to make the technology play on your side, and maintain a balance between your will to attack and the necessary strategy to guarantee your survival, applying diplomacy.

Rising Cities

Sometimes you may walk around your town and think what you’d do if you were mayor? Since running and winning an election is a bit complicated, Rising Cities is an alternative to that. In a healthy, enjoyable and entertaining way, Rising Cities puts you in the situations a mayor would have; making buildings, meeting the needs of citizens and collecting taxes. You’ll have to perform government functions and also maintain the balance between the collection of money and the progress of the city.