Science fiction is a beautiful and exciting world. Many people despise it because they consider it not serious and unrealistic, but fortunately, science fiction has millions of people who consume it at every moment, especially in video games. Day after day, science fiction in video games sells and innovates. Do you want to know some of the best science fiction video games?

Metro: Exodus

Were you a fan of the novel Metro 2033, in which Moscow’s metro becomes the great refuge of a war? Surely you know that there was a video game afterwards. Now Metro: Exodus is one of its sequels, and its popularity is enviable. The places it shows are still claustrophobic and full of fear, but outside the metro. Its atmosphere is produced in an entire year in Russia, with the central theme of a train, through different missions. If you loved the prequels, Metro: Exodus is for you.

The Division 2

Are you traditional and do you like shooting and fighting in the field? Division 2 may then be your ideal video game. After a virus which wiped out much of New York’s population, Division 2 shows the reality of Washington DC in full conflict. As a player, you will have an obligation to try to save what remains of society while there is widespread anarchy. In the game, you’ll be able to use high-calibre weapons such as the ones used by the sniper, as well as simpler ones such as the crossbow. It’s a game of alliances to save what’s left of humanity.


Anthem is an evolution in every sense. Action and science fiction together will always provide a great result. Set in a world in its beginnings, Anthem demonstrates that there is a character who will face mostly unknown dangers. Native inhabitants and beasts unrecognizable to humans occupy a space in which, as victories are obtained, rewards are earned.