The internet is full of gaming communities, and some of them are admittedly awful to be in. There are gaming communities which are full of negative energy and trolls, who make things so stressful, especially for new gamers. There are, however, other people in the gaming community who bring a sprinkle of sunlight to the community. Some of the best gaming communities on the internet are as follows.


Even though there are a few instances when meanness springs from Battlefield, it is pretty welcoming. There is a lot of teamwork, especially among successful teammates. They even have a YouTube channel, where the community discusses interesting issues concerning the game. It is a great platform for audience interaction and for troubleshooting.

Team Fortress 2

It is a fact that competitive games can be very toxic. That is why it is surprising that Team Fortress 2 is on the list as a friendly gaming community. The fact that it is always streaming with new players, and that the players receive some level of civility is good enough. The game also requires people to team up, and it perhaps explains why members are always friendly to each other, so that they form a reliable team.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

The game has one of the most dedicated fanbases. Since it is an old game, the followers tend to be more loyal, and this could be the reason why it is rated as one of the great gaming communities on the web. The other reason is that the game requires some tact and intellect, and members are likely to be more reasonable.

Rocket League

This football game brings together enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Since it relies on team play, it also attracts people who genuinely want to enjoy and win the game, so they tend to be nicer to each other.