Online gaming communities have many things in common, and sometimes, the only difference is the game being played. Some of the similarities which define the gaming community include shared interests and the passion in the gaming industry. The type of individuals you are likely to find in the gaming community are as follows.

Theory Creators

These are undoubtedly considered to be some of the most dedicated players. They are mostly hardcore players who spend a lot of hours on their screens. This type of person is commonly found in games which are multi-player based, and where players progress to higher levels with every game they play.

The Casual Gamers

Even among dedicated people, there must be those who take things casually. The casual gamers may not necessarily be the most active members in the gaming community, but they certainly make up a large proportion of the group. They play for the enjoyment of the game, and not to get attention or hang out in the gaming forums.

The Tinkerers

These kind of gamers are always looking for ways they can make the game more interesting by adding something to it. They intend to go beyond playing. They want to use the existing games somehow, to recreate their own content, by putting in modifications which work best or them.

The Pro-Gamers

Did you know that there are individuals who make a living out of playing games? There are those who get into competitive games where they earn money whenever they win. There are also people who have used their love for gaming to create a large following and join social media platforms such as YouTube, where they make money from the proceeds of their channels.

The Trolls

Just like you would find in any other platform, sadly, trolls exist in the gaming world. They are attention seekers who boss over everyone. It is best to ignore them.