As a player, do you love strategy games which take place in the past? There are undoubtedly many videogames whose theme is developed on a historical moment, especially in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Are you a fan of the Roman Empire or the power struggles in the Middle Ages? Many games can captivate you from the first moment. Do you dare to meet them?

Age of Empires

Who hasn’t heard of Age of Empires? This is one of a series of videogames of strategy par excellence. As of now, Age of Empires II offers thirteen different civilisations in which to live. Players can perform in an environment which goes from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Modern Age. In contrast, Age of Empires III touches on the themes of the colonisation of America and Asia. Do you aim to play in the universal history of this video game?

Europa Universalis IV

This videogame has a simple strategy; you must choose a nation and lead it from the fifteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Your empire will expand or reduce, you can form alliances with other countries, you must have resources, and you will make the decision to invade or not, other lands. With Europa Universalis IV, you can be an omnipotent ruler for centuries.

Crusader Kings II

Another of the most successful games is Crusader Kings II. Set in the Middle Ages, you can also choose a dynasty, and try to stay for more than four centuries. Your character should try to maintain possession of the territory and succession of the crown at all times. In Crusader Kings, you will be able to understand all the dynamics which they applied in the Middle Ages and, besides, make strategies according to a state or territory.